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Zazu Film is the creator of the biggest box-office hit in 2014, #Selfie. One of the upcoming movie production, sales, casting and distribution companies in Romania!

The label’s vibe is expressed through its iconic representation. Yes, indeed, ZaZu is the funny film-baboon that deliveres you the best-cinema-guilty-pleasures-that-money-can-buy! ZaZu the FilMonkey promises to do the very best it can to conquer your hearts! And that’s quite a big thing, isn’t it? Needless to say, the aim is to blow your mind with each and every production it makes!

After mesmerizing the young generation with #Selfie(2014), ZaZu Film is ready to hit it big once again with… Love is a story (2015) and #Selfie 2: How to get married in 3 days (2016) - working title. Thus, all of you should get ready to fall for … Love is a story, this winter. The most charming and authentic Romanian love-story! While next summer be ready to laugh as hard as you can with #Selfie’s prequel.

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