Commercially driven

Focusing on the most popular genres (Comedy, Rom-Com, Action, Drama), we develop productions that enthuse the most dynamic demographics, young people.
Zazu Film is the highest grossing domestic film production company and, in 2019, we became the first local production company to showcase films globally on Netflix.


At the core of our success stands innovative storytelling. We entice audiences by creating complex, yet relatable, stories that elicit strong emotions.
Zazu Film is the only local film production company with a domestic film franchise (#Selfie).

360 experience

Whether we are breaking the fourth wall, displaying stunning visual effects or creating fresh narratives, we provide a holistic movie-watching experience. Zazu Film productions deliver unbridled entertainment, in-cinema or at-home.

  • Highest grossing domestic film production company (>2$ million at box-office)
  • First local production to top the weekend box-office – Oh, Ramona! (2019)
  • Largest debut for a local production (>100,000 admissions) at the time of Oh, Ramona!’s release (2019)
  • Highest grossing local production in three years (2014, 2016, 2019)
  • More than 25 awards received at local and international film festivals
  • First local production company to have its films displayed globally by Netflix
Cristina Iacob
Cristina Jacob has directed five feature films and four short films until now. She has received numerous awards for her work and has set various records at the local box-office. In addition to directing, Cristina is actively involved in storytelling, having also been a scriptwriter in every film she has directed.
Daniel Iacob is a film and television producer whose innovative and structured approach has led to some of the most successful domestic productions. Furthermore, Daniel oversees multiple projects in development, ranging from series and documentaries to online/TV shows and feature films.
Daniel Iacob