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Development & Pre-Production

The first two steps in any production, these stages are essential areas where Zazu Film can provide you with additional support.


We provide full scriptwriting services, ranging from developing treatments and characters to script supervision.

Location Scouting

Our locations database makes us an ideal partner for production companies seeking local guidance.

Financial Logistics

Zazu Film lends assistance to production companies that aim to cut costs while maintaining high production value.


A relatively short, but intense stage, production brings about unexpected challenges. We provide extra assistance during principal photography.

Acting Coach

Zazu Film provides coaching and dialect services for actors who prepare for challenging roles.


We rent out equipment and, additionally, we are able to assist you in finding the best local professionals.


With a full range of production services, we provide you with production supervision for the whole duration of the shoot.


Putting the finishing touches on a film may prove to be a costly and time-consuming venture. Zazu Film provides additional backing.

Video Editing

We have an in-house film-editing studio that offers top of the range post-production services.

Music & Sound

We work closely with music production companies so that we can create original soundtracks and sound effects.

Visual Effects

Trying to find the right local VFX service providers might be tricky, but we are able to find the ideal partners for your needs.


Our sister company, Jacob Bros, is one of the most successful local distributors and is ready to maximise the impact of any production, whether it's released in cinema, on TV or on any VoD platform.